Going to the Press Release

Today CCL is doing a press release at a local art gallery. They’ve announced a rather large donation and will be holding an event this afternoon to have some wine and cheese, listen to some speeches and such.

I was thinking about how I should bring my HalOtis business cards and hand them out to the press that will be there for some free PR.

This event is one of the first public relations events we’ve had. CCL has neglected the whole PR side of doing business for almost it’s entire existance. Only a few months ago did we bring on a firm to help get the word out that we exist. Despite the fact that CCL is one of Canada’s largest investment companies very few people have even heard of it. The added PR will hopefully mean more investors will feel comfortable letting us manage their money.

I suspect this is part of a move towards attracting smaller clients. The typical investment in CCL is from pension funds and the odd multi-millionaire. Lately the company has been trying to attract people with as little as $100,000 to invest. The benefit is that the smaller clients actually get charged higher fees and so it’s possible to make much more money from them.