November Net Worth Update: +65.55%

To be honest, when I was walking to work this morning I thought this month was going to be dismal. Instead it seems that several things aligned this month to beat my goal of 50% improvement.

I was worried because my stocks dropped in value by almost $600 this month over last month. On the other hand however, this month was the first month that the company started matching my RRSP contributions, and because they were supposed to match last month but forgot I got even more. So in addition to my usual $200/month, this month I put saved an additional $400.

Secondly, my website income for the month is coming in at just over $400. Which was my goal for the month. I’m not expecting too much in December because it’s generally a slow month for investing. But I’d like to make another couple hundred next month too.

Right now my net worth is doing pretty good. It’s sitting at -$832. One year ago today it was almost -$8000. That’s a pretty significant improvement over the course of a year. By the time I get my annual performance bonus I will be in positive territory.

2008 will be a good year.