The month of December was pretty bad for my websites. I need to start committing more time to regular updates to this site. My apologies to all the people that read my blog.

I had a great Christmas vacation off. Not only was it nice to have a full 2 weeks off work, but seeing everyone in St. John’s reminded me of how many good friends I have back there. It was nice to have the family together and it seemed as though nothing has changed. Even though it was a great vacation I was reminded of why I left St. John’s, The 10 foot snow mounds on the lawn, the shoveling, scraping, hats, mitts, and boots, the inability to walk anywhere safely in winter and the blowing snow acting almost as a natural version of Chinese water torture. The difference between Vancouver and St. John’s was quite dramatic.

I’m already scheduled to work at the office next Christmas so coming home won’t be an option 🙁 But if anyone wants to spend Christmas in Vancouver I suggest you come on out.

For 2008 I have 2 goals. The first is to, of course, get in shape. I’m going to be registering for at least two 10K runs this year to help motivate me to keep training. I’ll be doing the sun run here in Vancouver and the Calgary Run during stampede weekend.

My second goal is for HalOtis to start making some serious money this year. By the end of the year I’ll have an additional $2000 of income per month coming by way of various internet ventures. To get there I’ll start January by hopefully getting to $200 then seeing 20% growth month over month through to the end of they year. That will put me in a position for 2009 to start reducing my working hours.