As of January 1st this year it is now illegal to throw recyclables in the garbage for the entire greater Vancouver area. Even more than just recyclables, things like furniture, and electronics are not allowed in the bin. Anyone caught can receive a hefty fine (even if it is pretty hard to catch them).

In some municipalities they’ve instituted a limit to the number of garbage bags they’ll pick up. They’ll leave garbage on the curb for people that have too much garbage and not enough recyclables.

It’s a pretty aggressive plan to cut landfill use which I do appreciate and I like that the politicians are progressive enough to start making some changes.

On Monday the BC Provincial government announced a huge spending plan for mass transit. A $14 billion plan over 12 years to expand the Skytrain lines, and create new bus routes.

One thing in particular struck me. The amount of work that goes into creating a new bus route is insane. I’m used to the Metrobus way of doing things where every September they seem to haphazardly jiggle the routes around. In BC the premier personally announced a bus route in Kelona a full two years before it’s going to have a bus on it. He talked about the demographic changes in the area and how they’ll impact this particular route. It’s interesting to see a bus system that gets this kind of support from the government.