Lost Luggage

So The flight back to Vancouver wasn’t as pleasant as the flight to St. John’s for Christmas. The problem was ultimately our fault. We booked flights so that the connection time in Toronto would be minimized.

Leaving St. John’s the plane was delayed about 20 minutes for de-icing. As a result of that delay we were automatically bumped from our connecting flight in Toronto (of course we where not told this). When we arrived at the gate in Toronto we made a mad dash for the next gate and then found out that the plane was having mechanical problems as was also delayed. Sweet! The delay gave us time to get a real breakfast. Also, we thought, that would give them time to unload and transfer our luggage. Two hours later we hear on the speaker “Would Heather Breen and Matt Warren come to the desk” They finally informed us that we had been bumped but luckily there were still seats on the plane. We were issued new boarding passes.

another 30 minutes later and it was finally time to get on the plane. In the 3 hours we spent waiting for the flight we thought for sure that the luggage had time to get sorted out.

After landing back in Vancouver we waited at the luggage carousel. There was trouble unloading the plane so it took 1 and a half hours for them to finish. It was only then that we realized that our luggage was never even on the plane. So we talked to the baggage claim people they’d deliver the bags to our place either that night or the next day.

Well, that night turned into the next day, which turned into the next day. 2 days after landing we got a call that one bag would be delivered between noon and 8pm. It never came by 9pm so we went to bed. At 11:45 we woke to the phone ringing. One bag had arrived. The day after we got a call that the next bag would show up, but it was a no show.

Today, Sunday, a full 4 days since we landed and we’re still waiting for a bag. It should show up sometime before 2pm and 6pm. More likely it’ll show up tomorrow while we’re at work.

FedExing luggage is definitely the way to go.