Online business for this month

I basically took December off from doing anything with my websites; in fact I still haven’t started working on them yet. 


That’s about to change.


The income from my websites was as dismal as I was expecting for December but I’m ready to get back in there this weekend and do some serious work to start getting HalOtis Technologies some real cash flow.  The pleasant surprise for December was that I made 2 sales which brought in $50 without me having to do any work.  The residual income aspect of what I’m doing is actually real.  That’s pretty exciting.


My goal for January is to make $200.  To do that I’m going to start writing more content over the next weeks for the stock market picking niche that I’m already in.  But I’m also going to start investigating some other niches.


The biggest hurdle for me now is finding a way to keep everything organized.  Building content networks across multiple web platforms for multiple different niches gets pretty confusing.  In fact I’ve already forgotten about many of the websites I should be maintaining.  I need to find a way to monitor my sites, and see the overall structure and strategy that I’m using for the marketing.  I’ve tried using spreadsheets, but I think the answer may be to use mind maps or my wiki.


Mind maps provide a way to structure thoughts.  Check out for more information about them.


One exciting new thing that I’ve learned from my reading this month is a new idea for making some quick bucks using an Adwords campaign to target in the moment searches.  I might try this towards the then of January if I haven’t reached my $200 goal by then.

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