A running lifestyle

So I’m focusing on running hard core for the next two months. I’ve changed my thinking patterns to help me achieve my goal of doing 10K without stopping to walk. 

Here’s my motto for the next 2 months:  “If it’s not going to help me run farther and faster than I’m not going to eat it or do it. And the converse; if it is going to help me run farther and faster than I do it or eat it.”

That’s my decision making paradigm.

For everything that I eat or drink, I have to ask myself “will this help me run better?”  If the answer is no, then I won’t eat it.

This morning I went for an early morning jog.  I have a 4Km route that I’d like to get down to a 23 minute pace which this morning it took me 30 minutes.  Once I can do that I’ll up it to a 5Km route.  I hope that I can convince myself to get up early every day of the week for a 4 or 5Km jog.  That’s probably what I need to improve fast enough for the Sun Run.  If I add in a longer run on the weekend and some extra exercise in the evenings I should see some good improvement.

That would put me at a very respectable 35-40Km per week.

Now for the follow through.