Back from Seattle

The pictures from our trip to seattle is at

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the music and science fiction museums. The Experience Music Project was a really cool walk through the history of music recording. They had a lot of stuff about the evolution of the electric guitar, an in depth section on Jimi Hendrix and a section of sound rooms to try recording various instruments.

The Science Fiction Museum was cool, they had a massive collection of various movie pieces. They had things like phasers used in the filming of various Star Trek movies, Costumes for aliens in many different movies. They had a section on robots including the animatronic t-rex used in Jurrasic Park. It was a pretty impressive collection many of which are from Steve Allen’s private collection.

Overall I was pretty impressed with Seattle. It is a city with a lot to offer. I’ll probably be back sometime in the future. Although the next time I head down across the border will probably be to check out the outlet stores for some killer deals.