Happy Birthday to Me

Sunday was my birthday. Heather and I decided to go to Grouse Mountain for the day to do some snowshoeing. I brought along my new heart rate monitor to try it out. During the hour long hike to the top I burned about 750 calories and had a maximum heart rate of 195 bpm. The trip back down took 45 minutes and brought my total calorie count to 1100. Which I quickly countered with a plate full of fries at the restaurant.

This time we decided to get a year long pass for grouse. That gives us unlimited rides up the gondola. The only incremental cost for us to go snowshoeing or hiking in the summer is the bus ride to the hill. The payback for buying the yearly pass is 3 trips, so it was definitely a good decision.

This was our second time on this hike and it was noticeably easier than the first time we tried it. I think the running we’ve been doing in the evenings has made a difference.