re-launching my online business

I’m working out a detailed plan to re-launch my online business website. For the past few days I’ve been building anticipation for this product that is about to be released at It’s worth checking out the video on the site.

This time I’m getting organized. designing time lines, and schedules of tasks that need to be accomplished along with specific details about the things that need to be written and recorded.

I’m going to be recording some videos and putting them on youtube to help generate traffic and create buzz about the website. It’ll be my first real video on youtube and I want to make a good impression.

With some videos in place I’ll re-launch the website to collect email addresses and move the existing blog to the back end. I’ll replace the main site with a proper squeeze page or reverse squeeze page. Emails are the key to long term success with internet marketing.

I’ve found new appreciation for using the right words to describe things. My strategy is to create a united front ready to launch nuclear war on the marketplace and in it’s wake I’ll establish a syndicate of partners to dominate all activity within the niche.