Working on some videos

It’s taken a long time for me to come to this realization.

The key to my success in making money online comes down to creating assets that I own and can resell many times over. All the time I spend at work is just creating assets for my employer. I will never be wealthy if I continue to create someone else’s assets.

So I started working on some videos that I’ll produce and use as a product that I can sell, and give away for free in order to promote the sale.

I’m really getting organized about all this. I’ve set up a tentative launch date for my video product for June 1st. I’m giving myself several weeks to develop the videos and ebook package then 6 weeks to create an email list and create anticipation.

So far I’ve created a list of 11 different topics for the videos to cover, and sketched out in bullet points what I need to research for each one. I’ve also started making notes for an ebook. This project is already moving very quickly. I’m just about ready to record my first video. Others will not be far behind.

In addition to the videos and ebook I’ve also decided to create several powerful excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheets will add a huge amount of value to the product.

Unfortunately this Saturday I’ll have to go into the office to work. So on Sunday I’m going to try to create my first video. I’m hoping that I can get the software required, and that my microphone and hardware can handle creating some high quality recordings. Hopefully I won’t have to buy anything else.

If everything goes to plan then on June 1st I should see some serious sales coming in.