Apple Takes Walmart

It has been confirmed that Apple was the largest retailer of music in the US for January. Apple’s market share has grown tremendously in the past year rising from 3rd place one year ago. The stock price swung higher today on the news.

It’s amazing that the music industry has shifted so far towards digital downloads that this has happened. It is quite an achievement for Apple and a sign that the industry will continue to move the way it has been.

Apple has positioned itself so strongly in this market now that it could continue to grow in the future to gain an even bigger lead over it’s competitors. They have much more mind share in the digital music space than other competitors. Most people aren’t even aware that Amazon sells MP3s and so does Microsoft.

Paid music downloads accounted for an astonishing 30% of all music sold in January. Could it tip 50% this time next year? what do you think?