Got a Blue Snowball

Last night was weird. I was watching some seminars late last night with Eben Pagen talking about product launches and starting a business. After finishing the video my mind couldn’t stop. I was wired with excitement thinking about all the different possibilities. Have you ever had that happen? It kept me awake, in and out of bed trying to get to sleep. I actually stayed up until almost 4am before my brain finally started to calm back down. Is this just something that happens to me?

This morning a mix of the lack of sleep and a stomach bug kept me from going into work. So I took a sick day. (Presenteeism is a growing problem in North America) It allowed me to catch up on some videos that I have to watch, and write some stuff, and try to record a video.

The first attempt at recording video uncovered a number of problems. The biggest one is audio quality, which I suspected would be a problem. So this evening I picked up a good quality microphone that should help cut out the background noise and improve frequency response. It’s called a Blue Snowball. And it looks very cool on my desk.

I’m going to record some more test videos this weekend to fine tune my recording techniques.