Vancouver Sun Run Results

Well it’s over.

Sunday morning it was pretty chilly @ just 1 degree when we left the apartment. But still I put on my tights, with a hat and long sleeved shirt to keep me warm. When we got to the starting line it was already packed. 60 000 people is a lot of freakin’ people!

The first people to go started at 9am, but it was still another 30 minutes before my section even started walking forward.

At about 9:40 I finally started running.

And run I did.

I powered through a stitch at about the 4km mark and jogged up the first hill before stopping to walk for a minute due to congestion at the 5km mark. Then it was across the burrard bridge, past the lamborgini and austin martin dealerships (where I had to slow down). taking the onramp to the Cambie bridge was where my shoelace came undone. Then it was up and over the bridge before taking the last 100m which was jammed into a single lane.

I finished the race with a respectable 1:05:30 time. It felt like there was a significant amount of time lost due to trying to pass people, and navigate the crowd. If I was in a different section, I think I could have knocked off several minutes.

The run ended at BC Place where the stadium was packed with people trying to grab the free bagels and bananas.

Heather found me a few minutes later, and we went for a big celebratory burger and fries meal.

This morning everything hurts.