Week two starts

Today is the beginning of week two in my five week internet marketing course. That means that when I go home tonight there will be many more hours of video for me to download and watch.

I got through the last few bits of week 1 over the weekend. I’ve already got a lot out of it. The approach is such a universal way to get people excited about something that I’m sure I’ll be able to use it not just for internet stuff but also to get people excited about other things as well.

Jeff Walker’s outlines have given me a bunch of ideas and I can sense my mental map is changing dramatically over the last 2 weeks about good strategies to make money online.

I can’t wait to see what stuff I’ll be learning this week.

Things are starting to really move for me on this now. I have all the basic tools and knowledge I need to make some serious money online. I realize now that my biggest hurdle was/is having too many distractions. When things are quiet and the TV is off I get a lot accomplished.

The next couple of months are going to be really tough. I stayed up til 2:30am last night, but got a significant amount of work done. Work that could help build my most valuable asset, my email lists. People always say that starting a business is hard work. And for the next few months that will be my reality. Tonight I have to finish the work I started last night.