Friday was a big day

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me at work. We got the our new database system running, and are just about ready to turn off the old systems.

At about 11am I was offered a change in my position as well as a raise. If I take the offer it’ll give me a 16.66% increase in my salary. It will mean that I have to start work at 6am and get off at 3pm. But I’ll get to see more of the whole picture with regards to how the trading system works at the company.

I’ll be supporting the parts of the system that the traders use to connect our trade list to the orders and brokers and all the software that helps them get the best price on their trades. I’ll be working with Bloomberg and Reuters software. That will give me perspective on the entire process start to finish. In addition to the analysis and ranking software we maintain, I’ll also see how that turns into trades, goes to the traders, and orders get filled by the brokers, then how everything gets reconciled into the accounts.

Then after work we had a celebratory dinner at the Italian Kitchen, where we ate so much food and drank a ridiculous amount of expensive wine. It wouldn’t surprise me if the bill was well over $1000 for the seven of us. Doesn’t take long to add up with $80 bottles of wine. To start we had the antipasto which included buffalo mozzarella, organic tomato, seared tuna, giant prawns, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, deep fried risotto, and portobello tempura. For the main course I had spaghetti with a truffle sauce and Kobe beef meatballs. For desert I ordered the lavender creme brulee.

Another big day today… IRONMAN!!