Business Exercise

For the last few months I’ve really been focused on learning and doing everything I can to become a good marketer. Now I’m feeling pretty confident that I know enough to run a successful million dollar business.

That got me thinking…

How much time would I need to start a business and make it profitable ($200/day level)? — I think that could happen within a year, working at it full time.

What would my lifestyle expenses be for that year? — Something like $30,000 would get me through 12 months living in downtown Vancouver.

How much business expenses would I incur getting everything operating? — It could be done for less than $1000 of investment, but the more money the faster things can happen.

So if I had about $40,000 and one year off to dedicate to starting my business, I’m confident that it would be making good money within 12 months.

A business loan at 10% would cost me about $47000, and if my calculations are correct I’d be making that back within 20 months.

Heck, I’ll throw it out there… Is anyone willing to invest $40,000 at 10% to help launch Matt Warren Inc?