Taking from the Homeless

Ok, so it was an interesting weekend.

A Saturday morning bikeride started great. Breakfast on Granville island followed by an omnimax film about climbing The Igor mountain in the Alps and other fun things at Science World.

Then tragedy struck.

Heather’s bike was stolen. Cut right from the Bike stand next to the front entrance. Crowds of families had been there the entire time while we were inside.

To think, some homeless man came by, cut the lock with a big pair of cutters, and rode off with a women’s bike and yet no body said anything.

Standing next to my bike in shock and thinking what to do next we hear a voice.

“Was your bike stolen?” The man pushing a shopping cart and a bike asked.
“Those thiefs give us good homeless guys a bad wrap. Pick up a bike and to sell it for drug money…. Yeah I saw the guy take it. Then he was selling it out front of the bottle depot on Hasting” he continued.

I knew that the bottle depot on hastings is probably the worst section of the city. Drug addicted scum hang out on the sidewalk shooting up and selling the crap they stole or found in the trash.

“Take my bike” the homeless man insisted. “Go up there and see if you can find your bike… Don’t worry about it, I have another bike that I’m fixing up.”

My first thought was “I want to go up there, find Heather’s bike and throw some punches” But I couldn’t leave Heather there. So I borrowed the man’s bike insisting that I’d bring it back.

We biked up to Hastings with little hope that the bike would be found, but we had to check it out. Up and down the street we went, but we never saw any signs of Heather’s bike.

We returned saddened back to Science World with the bike to give it back, but he was nowhere to be found.

Then we headed home, sad that Heather’s bike was now gone, angry at the asshole that stole it, and guilty that we had taken a bike from a homeless guy.