facebook deleted my account – find out why they could do the same to you

What would you do?

Hundreds of business contacts and friends lost overnight. Many of whom you don’t know how to contact through any other means. All those long forgotten high school friends that took years to track down now lost. One of the best ways to keep up with what’s going on in the world taken away.

What would you do?

That’s what happened to me. No warnings, no emails. Just unable to login with the message “Your account has been disabled by an administrator.”

I know you’re thinking “they wouldn’t disable my account, I’ve never done anything even remotely controversial.” That’s what I thought.

I have never posted any racy photos, or used the site in any illegitimate way. In fact I’m not even a very active user. I check out Facebook about once per week or less. I even read through the Terms of Use and couldn’t find anything that I did.

Digging through the website, I could find no way to contact Facebook to fix the situation. The message I got was “Your account was disabled because you broke the terms of use. … For security reasons we can’t tell you what the offending content is”. No email addresses, phone numbers or contact forms are available to debate the ruling.

Actually, I’m probably just like you, and that’s the scary part. If they could do this to me then they could do it to your account too. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and your Facebook account was disabled? What could you do?

Please help spread this message.

Update: After about 2 weeks of dealing with facebook support the account has been re-activated.  I guess there are too many Matt Warrens out there… I think someone flagged me as not me.  Are you in the same boat?  contact disabled@facebook.com with your details and they should get back to you… eventually.

  • pat
  • Besides being terribly pissed off I guess I’d have to make a new account with a different address and hope to find some contacts via other contacts.

  • Masha

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. I have less than 50 friends, no weird photos or anything else posted there. And suddenly without warning, all is lost. I’ve contacted them but no reply yet… needless to say I’m totally p*ssed off.

  • Ron D.

    They only disabled your account, mine vanished completely. one moment its there the next gone. Think they respond to inquires, havn’t had a response yet.

  • Tom

    The same just happened to me. Now I have no other way of contacting friends I made while in the US and loads of other people.
    This is super annoying facebook! Sort it out!!!

  • Michael

    they did the same for meeeee,what do i do,its terrible everything lost! AAAAAAAH!!! the exact same thing happened to you just happened to me!! what do i do!?? d u think theyll give me it back in two weeks?? PLEASE HELP!

  • danielle

    me too. used it last night and it was fine. i just disappeared? and i convinced my old college to reactivate my account for 2 weeks so i could try to sort it out. since my email address for my login is no longer one i get mail at, could that be why? help?!!!

  • Jonathan

    Same thing just happened to me! I can’t see any term I violated… although I note their terms are pretty vague… they can delete you for harassment or being abusive or malicious or “otherwise offensive”! What the heck is “otherwise offensive”? And what kind of web site deletes you without giving ANY advanced warning! It’s been more than a week now and I haven’t gotten any response from them. They simply won’t respond. Pretty intolerable.

  • Stephanie Tate

    Just had mine disabled yesterday – I play Mafia Wars and quite a few of my friends who also play this game have also been disabled! Such is the nature of the game that Zynga (developers) actively encourage players to ‘build their mafia’ and to interact with their ‘Mafia Family’…. BUT … Facebook (hosts) do not like such over activity! I have been in touch with Facebook – obviously no reply – and told them that they are compliant with Zynga’s encouragement as they host this game! I have also been in touch with Zynga and told them that I will recall any credit/debit card payments made to them for Godfather points if my account is not reinstated! They can take it up with Facebook!

  • We had the same thing happen to us. We had spent a lot of
    time building our fan page, and friend list. We even spent
    $$$ advertising with FB. They out of the blue, deleted us:
    Their reason “too many friends with similar characteristics”
    We made a short funny video about it

  • James W Hawkins

    The same thing has happened to me as has happened to others above. I found their address and phone number in Palo Alto, California but they refuse to respond to me, answer my questions no matter how nicely I ask them (one always asks nicely questions posted by the police). I’ve thought of asking the Palo Alto Police Department me to go with me to visit their offices when I go to their offices. I’ve lost a lot of valuable information about old friends (I’m 67, retired from Stanford Medical Center, etc). Facebook was a valuable retirement project. Their deletion of my account has diminished the quality of my life. I followed their rules. They should be required to account for their egregiously bad behavior — not even a warning. I can’t see what they have to gain by capriciously cancelling accounts by responsible members. Their arrogance cannot be reconciled with their advertising. James W Hawkins MD

  • Rebecca

    Hello deleted FB group. My account was just disabled two days ago. I have no idea why. I’ve decided not to go back to FB and will await the competition that is bound to surface soon. As fun as it was, don’t we all get a creepy feeling that it might be a little too good to be true until finally, they wipe you off the screen. Matt, their might be enough of us to form a class action against FB? A lot of people invest time and energy to shape their FB page. I shared and posted articles about art, fun youtube clips like, “Where is Matt?” My page was upbeat and for all ages. I don’t get it. And I’m not going to create another profile so that they can do it again. I feel as though FB dumped slime on my face when I did nothing to deserve it.

  • Mars

    Hi! I know someone who’s been disabled a couple of days ago and yeap! no one WILL respond!! though they keep everything you publish or upload as THEIR PROPERTY yhey still feel they still think it´s ok to delete people just for the hell of it (OR MAYBE THEY ALWAYS WANT TO GET RID OF A GOOD BUNCH OF USERS SO THEIR BANDWITH DOESN´T GO OVERBOARD?) if that were the case (don´t know)THAT WOULD BE SICK and AN INSULT to those who have invested TOO MUCH TIME and FEELING into it. Not nice…! they definitely forgot that users who log in their page are PEOPLE and not applcations or computer generated programs 😉

    FB admins: people just like YOU visit ur stuff (making it popular) everyday and make YOU money! So you would be decent to treat them as such…thank you.

  • Lisa Hardman

    My page just vanished. Was on like usual Wednesday night, Thursday morning, it was gone – couldn’t log in, couldn’t change my password, nothing. Page was GONE, I was deleted out of all of my friends’ accounts, all comments I made on pages vanished, and all the photos I was tagged to had the link deactivated. Got no email, no warning, nothing. Wrote them and they told me my email wasn’t associated with an account. OH REALLY? My 700 friends and 330 pictures since 2006 say otherwise. I hope they can recover it, I am BEYOND mad. I have done NOTHING wrong, just a faithful user whose page vanished.

  • Karen


    I had my facebook account deleted today because I changed my password, forgot it, and then forgot that my email address was not active anymore. I tried to get ‘The Facebook Team’ to reactivate my account but because I didn’t know the answer to my security question (that I set up years ago) they deleted it, just like that! Other ppl I have asked don’t know the answers to their security questions either! I asked them if there was anything else I could answer to try and prove my identity..but no…too bad…good riddens.

    I didn’t get time to find out who I was friends with before so I could re-add them. I have no idea who all my friends are now! Facebook are such hypocrites when it comes to security and privacy as they are explotiting it for all their users every day!

  • Karen

    By the way…I think we need to start a lobby group against Facebook.

  • SRK

    Hello, Like many others I also was disabled 5 days ago and saw this post and responded.

    His email fpb7488@yahoo.com

    Hi, I have decided to take up in organizing a class action lawsuit against Facebook for unjustly shutting down Facebook accounts. I have studied law and entering law school. I’ve reviewed my own case and have preliminarily found 3 potential violations Facebook’s terms and conditions violate out of the U.S. Constitution. I will be consulting legal counsel as well to determine the extent of violations that Facebook has committed against basic citizens rights. I have also worked with the ACLU in the past and will be passing this case onto them to review. If you like, email me the details of your particular case so I may start to organize people together a class action.

    I need you to be honest. If you are fairly certain you did actions to have your account deactivated, I ask you not to include yourself. I need honest cases where you truly feel Facebook has violated your rights by shutting down your Facebook account.

    I would like to organize at the very least 5-10 people before presenting any type of case to legal counsel and the ACLU, and people will be able to join the lawsuit at any time right now. My email is fpb7488@yahoo.com . Give me as many important details about your particular case as you can, and lets stand up for justice to be done so Facebook becomes the best place for everyone to be a part of. I also assure you I don’t work for Facebook, nor am not serious, and have 2 others already on board. I have every intention of organizing the people together who have been unlawfully stripped of their Facebook account to taking Facebook to court.

  • Susan

    I know why they disabled my account. Someone hacked it and used it for a version of the “Spanish Prisoner” scam. The friend the scammer tried to contact let me know right away. I got on FB, changed my password, security question, and user name immediately and posted a warning on my wall, telling my friends to report any scams. I assume someone did although, by that time I had fixed the problem.

    I am hoping everything gets better soon, but I don’t blame them for disabling the account temporarily.

  • eddy bliss

    they permanently banned`me and i was a pretty good member most of the time anyways.i was kicked ff for sending too many messages too fast.whats that all about?id seldom use i somedays and would become more and more brief.not to mention nice to strangers and esp my friends.i did receive a warning for being blunt ill say and it was warranted i guess a while back.i ceased that bhavior of mine as best i could.i then walked on eggshells afterwards.i only mailed occasionally.get this and heres why i believe i was banned.i sai merry xmas to too man friends in 1 afternoon.shortly thereafter i was banned from the facist pigheaded websight.it really bothered me but after reading there ridiculous and pointless sometimes rules i can see why.if youre outgoing and sociable you will be accused of harrassing/annoying other users.i wonder what constitutes being friendly and courteous?these fb folks are stupid many of them and have far too much power over the community of users who made them such a success.ive read how many were kicked off and no warning.they couldve at least said hey eddy,youre going to fast in your posts or something.they did but that was then and this is now.i slowes down immensely for a good amount of days and then weeks.in short id rather not be a part of that low class bunch of people who think they know everything.why cant they be fair and take a vote of who should stay/leave?.seeing since i have many wonderful friends on fb or did have as theyre gone unless i start up a new account.why not ak the friends of yours to ee if you should be allowed on,right?i mean im not there to make friends with the narrowminded facebook team now am i?nope im just there to pal around and get autographs possibly and compliment celebs.and talk to regular people like myself.they can and will ban anyone at anytime as there quite simply a dictatorship operating on no real moral asis to hike you off for good most of the time.and im in that majority of the category who unrightfully was banned.i told them off politely and said myspace is alot better.havent had any real problems there in 1 year.facebook encourages me to reply to group invites and guests and when i get a wee ad bit talky im off.if i was obtrusive i couldve stopped or if i got someone upset i couldve apologized and made ammends.or simply vanished from there radar.i was there for social networking and friends.they should have us recite stupid and impossible vague rules to them.they should be kicked off facebook as ill bet if you look deep enough theyve also committed gross violations of the policy.glass houses im saying and im alot better and mature than i first was on fb,eddy

  • Anonymous

    I just want my account to be re activated, so I can de activate myself so I never have to go through this again.
    I’ve lost all my friends from high school :/
    Thanks Facebook, you’re the best.

  • LuxXxuria

    If your an Adult who likes to interact with other adults on Social Networking Sites like Facebook then we fill your pain.

    Truth of the matter these sites were never created with us in mind, we use the platforms, however by design they were designed for a much younger group in mind, however Companies like facebook can’t live with our our membership either, image if every adult with sexy photos, articles and interest suddenly left, facebook, and myspace alike, what would happen to their marketing appeal to business. Because of this love hate relationship with it’s adult constituents, many like my self who try hard to adhere to a stricter representation of myself any organizational information I post, due to it’s adult nature I still manage to be deleted. damm!

    Facebook – Does not have employees that sit around and look for accounts to “Delets”. It’s a computer program, with a predetermine list of objectives, but they never thought about programing the dam computer to spit out what it was that caught it’s attention, they only programed it to flag for deletion.

    They have no real control, nor do they care about your experience, how else can they run the streets blowing all the advertising dollars thats, why a freakin computer is making all the decisions. No customers service, no links or emails to write to for assistance.

    How much Money do you think you would make is you had a small network off 100,000 people your local area, and you went to your local bank or pizza shop, and said how much are you willing to pay for my influence. (it would knock you on your ass) what would you do then to maintain that influence and spread it?)

    bad business plan, none of us want to be deleted (rejected), and they bank on your anxiety of being cut-off from the collective.

    If your Goal is to Socialize online with family, friends, and people with alike interest, do what I did, create your own Social Network, and invite your friends there, and cut out the middle man, who’s cutting you off. Set your own rules, and Create, Create Create after all, how do think this whole phenomenon got started?

    AL & Vanessa
    Adult Social Networking

  • Genus22000

    Thats what happened to me. ….now i will set up my own social networking site for my customers.

  • FACEBOOK deleted my account without warning too and even after many emails, REFUSES to restore it to me or allow me a way to retrieve my info. Is there someone we all could turn to who could HELP us? Facebook is already #2 website on the internet and I do not think there is anybody in this world who can do anything to them.

  • karenyoung
  • karenyoung

    Young v. Facebook
    Account Deletion Lawsuit
    Currently pending in Santa Clara County, California
    Blog information – Or write to mskbyoungblog@aol.com

    • Sandra Adkins

      My account was deleted 3 days ago. It was the only way I could keep in contact with some family and friends It is not right for them to do this. I never comment on anything out of the way, right or wrong.

  • Photos

    My personal and business accounts were disabled for three months! I have started a Flickr Group called “Banned from Facebook” where people can post photos that were deleted from FB or caused your account to be disabled, deleted or suspended. Please join my group and upload your photos! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1751800@N22/

    • Jack Ward

      Here’s how it goes down. There just needs to be one person with a grudge against you that reports you for something – real or imagined – then your account is gone for good. Stop emailing them – they’ll never answer – because they don’t care. The most you’ll every get is an email saying – your account has been permanently disabled – don’t try contacting us again. They are hostage holders. I agree with the above comment about it being a control thing – but, sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s one of the biggest scams around. My account was deleted because I dared to write the truth about Private Schools. Read all about it at


  • Guest

    Facebook Deleted my account too. I was told i cant use my personal page as my business page and the deleted everything. I lost so many contacts, clients and friends.  My business still hasn’t been able to recover. 

  • Lucy Matusiak

    How did you get them to restore your account? Mine was just randomly deleted. I am furious because I had pictures of my sixteen-month old son on it that weren’t backed-up because I was naive and thought this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • pied cat

    The email address, disabled@facebook.com, No longer works. 🙁

  • barry mills

    i voiced my political opinions on my wall regarding Isis wich was deleted by face book with out warning or reason … i feel angry that my right to free speech … for there political reasons has been crushed … please include me to render justice against face book for attacking our right to free speech … and retribution for how they made me feel by deleting my post on my wall

  • erin

    My account is gone too. No warning. And I went through the “my account was hacked site” but it won’t let me finish with answering the questions. I’m going to try the email above and see if I can get a response from them. THanks!

  • mike

    If your serious. I’m in. Emailing now

  • Kasia

    Dear Lisa it just happened to me, how did you solve it?

  • Doc Synizter

    Tried to login into Facebook starting yesterday and my account is just gone. No message, no warning, nothing. If you type the web address in directly or bring it up in a search engine it just isn’t there. I have just lost all of my personal contacts from around the world and all of the music and film industry contacts that I need to make a living. All of which I had to spend the last three years re-locating after MySpace was basically shut down so that Facebook could take over. Unfortunately there is no other way to network and keep up with everything because of this monopoly that they have been allowed to create. I am no longer interested in dealing with Facebook, now I just want to sue them for as much as possible. They have basically stolen my copyrighted material by not allowing me access to take it down on my other related pages that can only be accessed through my personal account which no longer exists. Anyone know of an attorney that I can contact to sue Facebook?

  • Jim Feurer

    I had my account vanish May 5th. No warning. Hundres–no thousands gone. When I log in, a page wants real names only. Then asks for picture of ID put in a folder for them to access.

  • Jim Feurer

    I was listed as Animal Jim Feurer. I am a 6 time champion drag racer with lots of fans. I kept in contact with thousands. Plus family, friends etc. I think I have been hacked. I have had no one be asked for ID. All advise, from police, states attorney, teachers, etc not to send anything.

  • Leslee Logan

    Thank you, my daughter and her fiance’s pages were both deactivated this morning stating they needed to prove they were who they say they are on Facebook. We tried to enter my daughters information and received a message that the sign in email address is not associated with any disabled pages. She has had her page since about 2009. She has lots of important people in her page. She was married and her ex-husband has continued to try and harass not only her but her fiance’. It’s strange that both their pages were deactivated at the same time so I am pretty sure her ex is behind it. Thank you for the email address, I emailed Facebook about the situation and hopefully they both get their pages back.

  • My pages vanished today…..i don’t care though and either should anyone else. They can be as Nazi as they want about things and set all sorts of rules and policies, but its just going to drive people away to other platforms…..that will be the demise of Facebook. My life is better without it and I don’t need it for my business either.

  • prashant sharma ji

    my account is hacked

  • Diana San Fillipo

    Yes count me in to because i got shut down because a guy reported me as fake because i wouldnt talk to him cause he instantly send me love stuff on my messenger and I used my page to promote my bosses antibullying campaign not a dating site and turned him down and he instantly reported me as fake and then I send my id to Facebook and still can’t get my acct back on when I was the victim and was falsely reoorted. 🙁

  • bbk77n

    That happened to me! My account was REAL. i had over 2000 pictures, some were family members in the military. I didnt back them up anywhere else because i thought tney were safe. now they are gone. Yet there are hundreds of fake accounts that FB wont remove. Something is seriously wrong. I have contacted them through every channel possible, and they ignore me. I want my family pictures back.

  • Catherine Farrell

    hi how are you my name is catherine I’m just after reading your story just 2 days ago I went to log into fb and it kept saying password invalid so tried changing but all my friends wer ringing my phone and texting sayings wats up why u block me so I explained I c udnt get into Faso got my daughter look me up and I wasn’t even on it like there was no profile picture of me at all when she typed in my name i cant understand i done absolutely nothing wrong wats so ever I’m so annoyed mostly about all my photos and I had no sd card ? I was wondering is there anyway u cud help me or tell me is there anything I can do because I’m not the best at this kinda stuff has thanks for listening hopefully I’ll here back from u ☺

  • Tre Toco

    Facebook closed my account without warning all because I spoke my free speech rights and said Israel owns America and 911 was done by Israel and America. I guess you are not allowed to speak your mind and just have to be a mindless idiot. And there’s no way to contact Facebook

  • Delyo Haidutin

    Let’s organize in a group and start action against Facebook!
    My account was disabled because I didn’t use my real name. I would not use my real name because I don’t want everybody I do business with, colleagues, boss, etc to find me there. I agree I violate the terms of Facebook and I don’t want to use it. But I want my data deleted. And I have tried everything to convince them to delete it but they don’t answer.

  • Jayne Armstrong

    Hello my account was disabled after seven years on Fb they said I violated their terms which I never now I Carn’t get back on Fb Facebook shouldn’t be aloud to get away with it the CEO should pay attention to the trouble his staff cause please can someone help I’m in United Kingdom

  • William Huisman

    This happened with my wife’s account about 2 weeks ago; all her posts to me disappeared. She appealed to FB , but no response to date,

  • Hypatia~Mercury13

    There’s also photos’, & comments from people who may have since died; irreplaceable..

  • Hypatia~Mercury13

    My Ex reported me twice, out’ve spite, so twice in last 2 years FB have shut my account while they ‘verified’ it; last time they stated they’d never need to re-verify my name, great. Then my Ex fake reported my account AGAIN & FB shut it down AGAIN – over 6 WEEKS & counting this 3rd time, sending in ID to the brick-wall of FB help-centre; not 1 reply.. My Ex has ‘multiple accounts in same name’ specifically to troll others yet FB ignore that & instead close my genuine, old, account with all it’s photos & comments from friends, some now passed away. FB should invest some of it’s substantial profit$ on staffing a help centre instead of using faulty algorithms that treat it’s users like sh*te.