Marathon Shape for Next Summer

Announced today was the first annual rock and roll marathon in Seattle. The rock and roll marathon guys put off running events all around the US where they make a big event out of it by putting a band at every mile of the course, and have a concert after the race to celebrate.

The one in Seattle takes place on June 27th which is at the same time as their local Seafair event where they have an air show and speed boat races. With all the events, music, and fireworks it should make for a good trip.

It’s still 11 months off, and that should give Heather and I enough time to reach our top physical performance.

It’s going to require running, and lots of it, through the off season. Building up the endurance to be able to complete 42.2Km will take some time and dedication. But I know we can take this challenge and succeed.

I’m starting to think that I should bring my running shoes on vacation with me.