stacks of books

It’s strange how things turn around.  All through school I was never much of a reader.  I only read the books I had to read and usually avoided that reading by getting the movie version.  Actually through all 5 years of university I think I only finished 2 novels cover to cover.  The Finite Automata text book was more interesting to me… I read that twice.

It’s always been that way for me.  In grade 3 we were given an assignment to read a book of our choosing.  I picked the dictionary and got to the g’s before the teacher found out and told me to read a real book.

In grade 4 I devoured “The Hobbet” but 20 years later and I’ve never gotten past Bilbo’s birthday party in Lord of the Rings despite countless attempts.

In the last 3 years I’ve had a transition.  Still not much fiction in my library but I’ve read enough about sales and direct marketing and entrepreneurship that I could be considered an expert.  My reading list is so niche that the 3 floors of Chapters carries less than 10% of the books I want to read.  Luckily Amazon has a much better selection.

My latest order was 3 books by Dan Kennedy, one by Jay Abraham, and 2 books about swimming technique.  As far as I could tell none of those books were carried in the greater Vancouver area by any bookstore.

So these days I’m reading a lot.