Working on some cool Scripts

Over the last few days I’ve been working on some python scripts to help me manage more sites. It’s something that I’ve wanted to solve for a while… find a way to manage 1000’s of websites. It’s a difficult problem to solve.

I keep thinking of a news article I read in Wired Magazine. There’s a guy in California that is the most published author in history because he has a team of programmers that write natural language processors that get, parse, process and organize information into book format and then send them to the printers. With something like a 100,000 different books published; it’s crazy.

I’m starting to design a framework that will serve to get and re-purpose content from the internet, then put it all together on my websites.

There’s already a bunch of low quality scripts out there to do similar things… obviously… it’s pretty trivial to download and upload content. Text processing is however much more difficult and requires a new level of complexity.

A lot of the ideas for the framework are coming from my experience at work.