Fast results

So I decided not to eat any food on Saturday as a test to see:

  1. If I could do it
  2. What my reaction would be

In particular I was paying attention to how much my habits would continue to influence me.

Some strange things happened.  First, early in the morning I found myself with momentary lapses,  I’d think “I’ll grab a few almonds” then I’d go pick up the jar before remembering that I’m not eating today.  It happened several times in the morning until I really accepted that I wasn’t going to be eating anything.  Then things changed again. I flew through till about 4:30 without thinking about lunch or food at all.  It was actually really freeing to not have to think about what to cook, or having to take the time to prepare a meal.  By 7:30 I was drinking a lot of water to continue to feel full and not hungry.  It was at that time that I started to think “maybe I’ll have a few carrots… it’d be good for me anyway”.  I was specifically expecting this type of response and was ready to handle it.

In the night the weird thing was the dreams.  I was dreaming of food all night and woke up at about 7am finally ready to give into my hunger.  I cooked up a huge omelet and bacon.