In Marseille for a few days

It’s been harder than it should be to find good internet access in France Hotels.  So I haven’t been able to get my photos online yet… so those will probably have to wait until I get back.

Overview of the trip so far:

We spent the first few days in Paris but got quite a bit of showers while we were there.  We did all the usual things… eiffel tower, notre dame, the louvre, and walked the champs elisee.  My biggest impression of paris is that it lives up to the promises.  It’s a grande city, that’s absolutely spectacular and larger than life.

Then we went to Lyon, where it continued to rain for most of the time we were there.  The winds picked up and we ended up staying in the hostel more than I would have liked.  Lyon was quite nice and the lights at night were quite spectacular.  The food was… interesting.

From Lyon we took the train to Avignon, which has to be the highlight of the trip so far.  It’s a very picturesque little town that had a very cool vibe going on.  the town is circled by 5km of castle walls to protect the popes palace there.  We took a great little half day wine tour out to 2 wineries for some tastings and had probably the best wine I’ve ever drank.

Then it was 1 day in arles.

And today were’e in Marseille.