So much to do

Three weeks vacation has left me with a lot of work to get done.

I’m currently working on my second product that I’ll be selling. The experience I’ve gained from doing the last book is going to good use this time around and I’m taking everything one step further to ensure that it makes me more money.

First off, the product is going to be bigger and more valuable.  I am really proud about the way it’s turned out. It going to sell at a $47 price point and will move it up to $97 eventually as I get some good testimonials. Secondly I’ve devoted more time to really designing all the aspects of the advertising. I’ve got 2 weeks of emails that mix psychological triggers with real salesmanship. I’m not taking the round about way of shyly asking for money. I’m coming right out with the fact that I’m selling something and it’s worth the price.

Thirdly, I’ve bought about 10 domain names to test and find the best name for the product. Once I test to find the best one (with adwords) I’ll have all the other domains redirect to the winner.

Also, I’m integrating a number of new things for me. Including a tell a friend page, a press release, JV partners, and a more structured launch sequence.

Outstanding work before I’ll be able to launch are:

  1. edit the book/format/get pictures
  2. write a 14 day meal plan supplement
  3. record 9 videos
  4. finish the free report software script and content for the report.
  5. design the webpage graphics and layout.
  6. finish writing the sales letter
  7. write a press release
  8. Do an internal launch to my list
  9. Find JV partners for the real launch

So there’s still lots of work to do. 

The strange thing is that despite the fact that my skill set is more towards the software writing and web design it’s actually the part that I most would like to outsource and not have to think about.  I’m excited about writing my first press release and seeing what happens with the internal launch.

I’m currently aiming for an internal launch sometime around October 25th, followed by a pre-launch sequence starting mid-November to the public with a launch date of November 25th.   Then I’ll re-launch it in January to take advantage of the new year resolution season.