10Km per day

That’s the distance I need to do to train for the marathon.

It’s simply amazing that just 2 years ago 10Km was an almost unthinkable distance to run.  When I started running I could just run to the end of the block before being out of breath.  These days I’m not worried about running out of breath..  I go until the muscles in my legs are fatigued enough that they just refuse to work.  It’s a level of performance that is ideal because I can work on things other than just building endurance.

It’s now not hard for me to run for over an hour without stopping to walk.  That means I can focus more on increasing the speed of my running, building muscle, and losing weight.

One of the techniques that I haven’t been able to really take advantage of is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  The basic idea is to sprint for 60 seconds getting my heart rate up to 100% of my maximum and then take a 30 second break before doing it again.  This approach to training has been clinically shown to give the most dramatic results.

The challenge of getting in better shape than Colum has given me the motivation I need to take everything to the next level.  That means 1 – 1 1/2 hours of exercise every day of the week.  If Colum is doing the exercise he says he is then I’m going to have a real competitor in the marathon next year.