Learning PowerShell

My 6am mornings at work are usually really quiet.

despite a few problems I have with the schedule for the most part it has been pretty positive.  In the last few weeks I have had time to do some reading before anyone gets into the office.

The focus has been on learning PowerShell which is probably one of the best things to come out of Microsoft.  PowerShell is basically a command line and scripting language that resembles the UNIX shells that make UNIX such a productive environment.

The very neat thing about PowerShell in particular is that it leverages the Object Oriented .NET framework so it’s possible to mix in some C# very easily (not that I know C#,  it’s just cool).  As an upgrade from the old cmd.exe, PowerShell is far superior.  It supports pipes and control flow constructs with a syntax similar to bash.  As a replacement for batch files powershell is simply amazing.

I have only a few issues with it.

  1. There are still some basic things that it doesn’t do… 
    • tabs
    • auto resize the number of columns by dragging the window size
    • nice fonts
  2. ssh – one of the killer features of UNIX is the ability to easily connect and run programs remotely. The ability to ssh into a PowerShell prompt on a remote windows box would take windows scripting to a completely new level.