Lost Update

Been too long since my last post.

We went to Canadian Tire over the weekend to get a Christmas tree for our apartment. It’s a nice addition to the place and will hopefully make the holidays this year a bit more festive.

The progress over the last week on my content factory code has been really good. I have some code that will allow me to scale up my link building strategy and get some killer pages up and running very quickly.

I’m continuing to make sales of my book about running, while at the same time I’m trying to branch out into affiliate selling other products. With my network of websites feeding links back and forth I’m hoping to start growing my number of sales, and getting more traffic that I can leverage.

At work, I’m going to get involved in making the annual Christmas Video… I’ll probably be doing some of the video/audio editing. It’s probably one of the most stressful jobs because it will probably be filming up to the day before it has to be shown… which means some late nights.