Working on Mom’s site

I’m going to be doing a bit of work to get mom’s rug hooking website up to a more managable CMS system.  That’s what caused me to have some problems with the site already.

The current hosting company is dotcanada and they’re absolutely terrible.  Over the time that the website was with them they have done things like change from  Linux server to a Windows based one,  changed the database methods, and changed passwords on the account without notification.  Uploading and downloading files from the ftp was so flaky that it crashed my computer twice.

After it took 4 hours to upload wordpress, and then refused to install on their server I gave up.

Time to find a new hosting company.

So I’m going to move the site over to my existing account with godaddy.  I can host unlimited domains from my account so that will allow mom to cut out the hosting expence she currently has.

It’s the first time I have had to deal with transferring domain names and the process is kind of annoying.  You need to get authorization codes and wait for the registrar to approve the transfer.  In this case I have been waiting for a day already.

Once I have control over the domain name I’ll be able to host the site somewhere else.

The Plan:

The website will get a complete refresh.  There is absolutely no need for me to write a content management system when there are some really nice ones available for free.  So I’m going to switch the site over to wordpress and find some plugins to make it behave more like a store with products rather than a blog.

The theme will get completely replaced with something that looks more rustic and artistic and better designed.

I’ll add in some analytics to the site to track visitors.

I’m toying with the idea of adding a lead generation email box/newsletter to the site.

It will be a completely different site when I’m done with it… and more importantly it will be way easier for mom to maintain and update.