50% of 2008 Goals hit + new goals for 2009

I had two goals for 2008

The first was to get in shape and run two 10K races.  That was a success.  In 2008 I ran three 10Ks and a half marathon.  I also lost 20lbs of extra weight over the year.

The second goal was more ambitious.  I  really wanted to make a significant monthly income online by the end of2008.  That hasn’t quite worked out, but it’s because I haven’t really done all the work required.

Looking forward…

For 2009 I want to simplify my business model to a set of processes and just slug through them for a few months to get a handful of successes under my belt.  So for January my plan is to produce and promote at least 10 videos and try to make affiliate sales with the traffic they generate.  The number one focus is on direct affiliate sales with a secondary goal of building a big list of emails in niches that I want to explore further.  In terms of skills.  I’m moving more into the role of a marketer and sales guy rather than a technology expert.

I want to continue to stay in shape for 2009, and finish the Seattle Marathon in July.