Blog Auto-Posting Robot… Interested?

Over the past year I’ve hacked together a program to help me maintain a lot of blogs without actually having to write posts for them.  The idea was to just refresh them with relevant, good quality information with zero input from me.

As a result I have built up a piece of software that reliably downloads content from a number of supported sources including youtube, and prweb, and queues it up in a database for later automatic posting.

The software is then scheduled on my computer to post one item from the database for each blog I have set up.

In addtion to simply posting the content such as a youtube video, it also has the ability of inserting additional html before the post.  That way I can add in an affiliate link or an adSense ad to each post.  The way I have it currently set up is to pick one at random from a list of potential html snippits for each site.

The software supports auto-posting to self-hosted wordpress,, and tumblr blogs.  With the wordpress sites it supports putting the posts into separate categories depending on the keyword your targetting.

The question I have is:  would people be interesting in purchasing such a piece of software?  What would you do if you could be hands off and maintain hundreds of blogs automatically with fresh content and videos?

The reason I ask is because even though the software works awesome for me, it would take some time and effort to clean it up and make it easy to use.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you think it’s worth pursuing further.






6 responses to “Blog Auto-Posting Robot… Interested?”

  1. Miquel Avatar

    I believe there is a market for your idea.
    Actually it looks quite similar to the service offered at
    The also have optimized SEO blog templates but the content autoposting is very similar to your proposal.

    Take a look there, maybe you get good ideas.

    Kind regards,

  2. Jeremy Avatar

    As the previous commenter said there are a number of software products which can do this with differing degrees of automation. There is also an add on for Firefox – Scribefire, which allows quick remote posting you a blog.

    So before you put effort into launching this you need to decide what your point of differentiation is. what is it that will make your software stand out from the other similar products. Is it easier, does it automate more, does it do something else in addition to post an article to the blog?

  3. Crane Service Chicago Avatar

    I think there would definitely be a market for this. There is a fairly small amount of competitors doing a similar thing, and if you can have something in yours that is superior or more convenient or less expensive, you’ll have something good going.

  4. How to make a website Avatar

    I think auto-posting just kills your blogs trend on google and other se’s..

  5. Avatar

    There is a definitely is a market for this top of software. The only issue I would have is that the content for each post would need to be unique. Duplicate content is frowned upon with the search engines.

  6. Wonderbra Avatar

    I think there would definitely be a market for this. Ya its true that auto-posting just kills your blogs trend on google. Thanks a bunch for sharing such an great and informative post with us. Keep blogging.

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