Net Worth Update – (+101%)

Is it sad that I’m still capable of doubling my networth over the previous month based on a small annual bonus? — Still I’m thrilled to have a stellar month, and a great start to the year.

The biggest event this month in my finances was a year end bonus that allowed me to completely pay off a line of credit which I had taken out last year. My last remaining debt is the student loan which at my current payment rate will take 29 months to pay off.

My goal is to start building up my savings and wealth accounts and to put some more money into the stock market while it’s so cheap.

I’m still on the fence about these TFSA accounts. The ones available at the banks seem kind of useless (though some pay better than a GIC). The real advantage is to use one as the bases of a trading account where the returns could be better than 2-3%.

2009 is going to be an interesting year for my finances. I’m looking forward to a lot of changes.