Hill Training

Last night was the first night of hill training.

We started the evening with a talk from a chiropractor that specializes in running.  He talked about good running technique and it was actually really helpful.

Then we went into the park to find the hill that we train on.  When I think of a hill I usually think of something that has a pretty steep incline.  Something that if you were going down on your bike you’d have the brakes on.  This was more of a gentle slope – the kind you would not even notice on a bike.  Running on it is a different story however.  When you power up that hill your legs feel the burn.

We went up and down the 550m hill 4 times last night.  Every week we’ll be adding another rep until we get to 10 by the end of March.

I think this $70 Running Room training program is probably the best money I have ever spent on fitness.  Probably because what I’m paying for is the accountability and community which is the key to making a permanent change.

It’s strange to think about how my idea of distance has changed.  When I started running, 1km without stopping was hard to imagine.  I actually remember 100m being hard to do the first couple times I went out.  I remember watching people run the seawall and having a grand conversation at the same time… I just thought they were trying to show off!  Now 1 km is the warm up and I’m training to run for up to 4 hours at a time.  It’s amazing how adaptable the human body and mind is.