Signing up for Adwords API

My business endeavors have kind of slowed down recently but I’m still working on something big.

Yesterday I wrote some code that revitalized my interests again.  It was just a small script that scrapes Google search results and stores the results in a database.  The value of that data is absolutely mind blowing.  In addition to that I’ve started playing around with the Adwords API.  The API allows programmers to write applications that can manage adwords campaigns programatically.

I’m thinking that with just a bit of simple scripting I should be able to build a killer application that will give me an incredible advantage running a PPC campaign.  Much of the process of managing an adwords campaign is very mechanical – the only real subjective part is writing the ad copy and matching that to the keywords.  I think that the bidding strategy, and campaign structure can be done much faster if I can write some code to manage it.

It actually makes me feel giddy just thinking of the possibilities.