still sore from long run

The long runs keep getting longer and longer.  And each time we go out for one of those runs it totally blows my mind to see the progress that can happen with some dedicated training.  Each time I manage to surprise myself with what I’m capable of.

The run yesterday was 32Km, and took us from 8:30am to 1:30pm to finish.  Our pace was really really slow (about 7:30/km) but it was really about learning to be out there pounding the pavement for an extraordinary amount of time.  It felt like a long time.  We ran in a big group of close to 20 people through Stanley Park down to and across Burrard bridge then past the yacht club and to the entrance of UBC before turning around and coming all the way back.

Yesterday’s run was a special one.  They invited the other Running Room stores from the Vancouver Area to run with us, and so we had a nice feed of pancakes for us when we got back to the store.  They were so awesome.

The rest of the day was spent laying down with ice pack on my knees.

This morning everything is sore.  So I know the training is working.  And I’m looking forward to the BMO half marathon just 5 weeks away.