got some motorcycle gear

Ever since moving to Vancouver I’ve been itching to get another motorcycle.  Today we took the first real step to making that happen.

Last week we went to the Vancouver Car Show where all the car manufactureres had set up to show off their latest models.  There were a bunch of motorcycle related booths there as well and we met up with a local small business that makes custom motorcycle jackets and pants.  Today we went down to their shop in Richmond to get all suited up.

Now that Heather has the protective clothing she needs I’m one step closer to being able to get a bike.  And she’s excited too.

I think that it really changes your perception of a place the minute you get a vehicle.  In all my time in Waterloo I only drove a car once and it was really eye opening.  With a car everything is significantly closer and it give you a different perspective.  I remember getting the same feeling when I visited John in New Brunswick.  It leaves a very different feel for a place when you don’t walk everywhere. 

It has been three years in Vancouver now and we have become very comfortable with downtown Vancouver.  We rarely have to travel outside of the downtown are because just about everything is near by.  But I like to explore.  And there’s something of a barrier to travel when every time I want to get somewhere I have to rent a car and schedule my time precisely. 

A motorcycle will be cheap and easy to park.  It’ll be fun and give us a chance to do some more exploring this summer.  I’m really looking forward to being able to take weekend trip up and down the coast, over to Tofino, and in to the Oakanogin. Heather and I are both looking for a bit of adventure on the weekends and I hope that getting a bike will help give us some more options.

Heather is getting a jacket on special order which will take 3-4 weeks.  So finger’s crossed I’ll have a motorcycle by mid May.  Just in time to really enjoy the summer rides along the rockies.

PS. Heather is going to look awesome in her new jacket on the back of my bike.