the city is getting smaller

An unexpected benefit of doing all the long Sunday runs is that we’re covering a lot of ground as we run from near Stanley Park all the way to UBC or over to North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.  Covering that distance on foot has made everything seem much closer than I perceived it before.

There are many destinations across the water which we always took the bus or boat to, like Granville island, but after running there so many times now it seems much easier to just walk over the bridge.  We get a little bit more exercise, don’t have to wait, and don’t have to pay for any tickets. 

Since we moved into Vancouver we really haven’t had to leave the downtown area very often.  Pretty much everything we need is just a couple blocks away.  But as we get out into new areas of the city more often we find new things to experience, and explore.  The city is quickly opening up to us.

Getting a Motorcycle will drastically change our perspectives again.  It will be much easier to get everywhere beyond downtown.  And it will make taking trips to Vancouver Island, up the coast, down the coast and into the mountains much more accessible.  I’m really looking forward to the opportunities having a bike will bring us.