Epic First Full Marathon Race

On Saturday Heather and I completed our first (but not our last) full marathon in Seattle.

It was the inaugural Rock and Roll Marathon in Seattle and the event ended up being one of the largest ever held in the USA.  There were a total of around 25,000 participants and 3,500 volunteers.  The event also broke some state running records for the fastest race held in Washington State.  Overall it was a pretty impressive event and the organization was very good.

The day started off early with a 4:30 wake up to catch the 5am bus to the start.  The start of the race was about 13 miles outside of downtown just past the airport.

We waited around the start line and grabbed some of the bagels/drinks they had there for us.  We basically just stood around, met a couple people and waited for 7am to come around.  The temperature in the morning was perfect for a run it was nice and cool but not too cold.  We could tell the weather was going to be pretty good to us.

The race started promptly at 7am.

The first 13 miles were really nice.  We wound our way through a nice suburban area outside of downtown and made our way along some very nice waterfront parks. 

But after we got to about mile 15 everything started to come undone.  The sun was now out in full force. and There wasn’t much shade because for most of the second half it was running on freeways.  The concrete roads were hard on the knees and feet and the slow endless hills were becoming difficult to push through.  Physical exhaustion was starting to set in even though there was still 10 miles left to go.

At mile 19 we knew that we wouldn’t be finishing with a great time.  And that really stressed Heather out.

By mile 23 our knees were shot, we were overheated and very sore.  We walked most of the last few miles but saved a bit of energy for a run to the finish line.

We crossed the finish line together an epic 6 hours after starting the race.

That evening we went out to the concert in Redmond featuring Keb Mo.

Here’s some of the photos we took during the race.