Interesting ways of using Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the best services there is for moving files from computer to computer, sharing videos or pictures work or even applications. If you’ve ever emailed yourself a file, or wondered how send a friend a video without publishing it on youtube then you should at least check out what Dropbox will do for you.

In a nutshell, Dropbox is a web service where you select a particular folder on your computer to be the “dropbox” and any file you put in there gets immediately synced up to the web and pulled down to any other computers that you have the software installed on. The files are also available through their website if you want to get at them from a computer without the software.

So the way that I have it set up is that I have it on my laptop, and also on my computer at work. When I get some MP3s that I want to send to myself at the office I’ll just download them at home and copy them into my dropbox. Then the next day at work the files will already be on my computer and I can listen to them right away. Or when I find something online that I want to have that I want to look at on my laptop I can download it at work and it will be on my laptop when I get home.

One of the other neat tips I’ve figured out is that I can use it to keep my personal project code in sync. I use Mercurial to manage the history of my code and I can keep a repository of that code in my dropbox. Then anytime I work on the code at home those changes are immediately available to me at the office, or anywhere with internet access.

It also acts as a small backup for my secret files. I have an encrypted file that contains some sensitive documents, and all my saved internet passwords. If I lose my laptop or the hard drive dies I will still be able to get at that information and restore it.

There’s also a special folder within the dropbox folder for shared files. Any files placed within the Public folder is visible to anyone with the URL. I’ve seen people use it as a place to host video files which are posted to blog sites which is a cool way to host the files and bandwidth for free. Here’s my secret text file that I made public.

The free account gives you 2GB of space which is not too shabby. I’ve found it to be an awesome tool for moving bigger files between computers and I would recommend it to just about anyone that wants to share or move files over the internet.

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