June Net Worth Update (+15%)

I sold my stocks today but haven’t yet juggled around all the cash into my other accounts. I am in the middle of a great simplification of my finances which will mean closing and consolidating a bunch of accounts that I have with other banks.

The change this month had a lot to do with the great performance in the stock market. Over the month my portfolio increased in value by 6% which added almost $1000 to my portfolio in June.

Both my savings and chequing accounts were dried up by the end of the month as I focused on removing debt.

Looking forward to July I’m going to be transferring my savings into a TFSA. With the cash from liquidating my stocks I’ll have a decent emergency fund and only my student loan as the remaining outstanding debt. There are no expected extra expenses coming up, and I have cut back on my business expenses to focus on developing some websites so I’m hoping to save a bit more money than usual this month.