working on a new website

I’m putting together the pieces for a business marketing service that uses twitter to connect to new customers.  It’s currently in the early stages of development, but it will be finished and ready for some beta testing in August.  It’s both a potential money maker for me, but it’s also an excuse to learn and use Python and Django for a real business application.

My first goal is to get a working prototype build as soon as possible.  That means no front end work, just get the database and the engine going. With that proof of concept in place, I’ll add in a payment/billing/accounting part to take credit cards and track credits used on the service. And finally put get the user interface done, write the sales copy and promote the site.

This project will give me another excuse to outsource some work.  Last time I outsourced some work the results were really positive and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to hire someone again.  This time around I’ll be looking to get someone to do the design work for the website – create logos, do the CSS, and HTML.  I’m focusing on putting the backend together and building the engine for the service.  When it’s finished I’ll bring on some SEO consultants to help me get some exposure in the search engines.

While I work on this project I’m also focusing on meeting more people in the Vancouver area who are doing business online.  To do that I have started attending networking events which is something that I should have done years ago.  There’s actually events being held all the time and some of them end up being quite large (200+ people).  It’s virtually impossible to be successful online without a team these days so I’m hoping to create some new friendships and eventually having some personal resources to draw upon when I need help.