Net Worth Update ( -3.5%)

July was an eventful month for my finances.  I sold all my stocks and paid off all my debts besides my student loan.  My total debt dropped by about $7000 during the month.  However my total assets dropped a little bit more leaving me with a small drop in my net worth over last month.

Things may start to get a little bit more fuzzy over the next while as I buy some websites.

My website has been making me about $50/month for the last few months.  Traffic has been growing steadily on the site and I’m currently getting about 200 visitors/day.  I think the site could make $200/month but it’ll take some strategic planning to get it there.

Looking forward to August I’m going to be on vacation for 10 days in Newfoundland and I’m really looking forward to the time off.

  • Ralph

    That is good Matt! But, I can’t believe that a bright man such as yourself only makes 50 bucks with his site. I mean you know how to drive traffic and all. Are you sure you are being honest with you fans!

    • I did low ball it a little bit. most of the money is from some links that I’ve sold. There’s a total of 8 links and I’m making about $7 per link per month. Google Adsense has made me almost nothing.

      The biggest problem is that the average time on the site is very low and I’m getting a high bounce rate. That is because a large portion of my visitors are coming from stumbleupon and I haven’t spent much time optimizing my site for those visitors yet.