No Doubt

00009777I wish I had some pictures to share of the No Doubt concert we went to on Saturday night. It was a great show with lots of energy.

The cowd of probably close to 50,000 people were all standing for the entire show and everyone was jumping around.  Everyone, that is, except the couple next to us.  The woman arms crossed the entire night.  I don’t think she appreciated the fact that they were playing loud music all night.

Another person in front of us was rather amusing to watch too.  It was like clips you see of the crazy Beatles fans.  She waved at the stage anytime someone on stage could have possibly seen her in their peripheral vision.   And then she gushed nervously, biting her lip, and covering her eyes.

The show itself was really much better than I thought it would be.  No Doubt played non-stop for close to 3 hours.  The band was tight and looked like they were enjoying themselves the entire time.