Motorcycle Show n’ Shine

Yesterday we went to the annual Motorcycle show and shine in gastown. It’s a motocycle show that centers around a competition for the best motorcycles in a bunch of different classes. The most spectacular looking ones are the custom choppers that are pieces of art, but look totally un-ridable. I enjoy checking out the classic old motorcycles. the old WWII era BMWs and Harley’s are really cool and then some of the old track bikes that are the precursors to todays sport bikes.

The event also gives some of the dealerships a chance to show off some of the current models. I spent some time talking to the Suzuki Guys about the V-Strom Touring bike. It’s something that I could totally see myself riding but it’s really the dream of taking week long motorcycle trips down the coast and into the mountains that is really selling me on it.


This is a bike that is good on and off road, and has a good back seat that would be comfortable for long rides, and has the built in luggage that would make it useful for getting stuff around town and for stowing the camping gear for weekend trips. The engine is a fuel-injected 650cc, and it comes with ABS brakes.’

It’s a real step up from my 1980 Yamaha 450 Special with the kickstart.

When I get back from vacation I’m going to visit the dealership to price it out.

  • Midnight_Hauler1

    If you want to go touring, take the DL 1000 GT version, shown above. (The picture on this page)
    You are talking about the 650, which is fine for pottering about town in, or the occasional short sprint to work… but if you want to have a proper bike, one that will sit at highway speeds forever… then check out the 1000.

    I have the exact bike shown above, (DL 1000 GT) and i cannot fault it….

    Just point it, and squeeze the throttle…. it rumbles, and then takes off like a horse with its ass on fire…….

    • Greg

      I’m going to buy a V-Strom 1000 this year – just wondering your thoughts on the “touring” model vs. the base model and adding after market luggage.