Pre vacation catch up

Just one week to go until vacation. I’m so glad.

Lately I have been keeping busy with my halotis website. The traffic has been growing pretty well over the last few weeks and I’m continuing to post regularly to the site. A little bit of promotion can go a long way.

I have been doing a lot of personal programming projects lately. writing a lot of python code and really getting some good practice in there. A lot of the stuff is what I’m sharing on my website but some of it is scheduling automated scripts to do work for me.

One of the biggest successes is my twitter script which I have found can generate a good amount of directed traffic very efficiently and build relationships. I have a lot more plans for expanding my twitter empire into 100s of accounts over many niches. That is going to be one of my major projects to work on over my break.

Another thing that has kept me busy is swimming. I have been making good use of the lap pool in the building. Getting down there every other day for a 40 minute swim.

Also I’m thinking of getting a netbook. something that I can use to do a bit more programming on. My Macbook has kind of turned into more of a desktop and it pretty much stays connected to the big monitor all the time now. Plus I keep getting an itch to install Linux on something and I don’t have the space to do that on my Mac.