Motorcycle is Away for the Winter

It’s getting a bit too cold out now to really enjoy a long ride on the motorcycle now. The snow is landing on the mountains ( there’s already more than 2m at whistler).

Olympic stuff is happening all around here. There’s just 85 days til the opening ceremonies and crews are hard at work putting the finishing touches on some of the buildings and erecting a lot of temporary stages and tents around here. They have these massive 50,000 sqft tents going up for the nightly concerts at different locations, and to help organize the athletes and hold some events in. It’s pretty cool to see how fast some of these things can go up.

The area we live in is going to be complete madness when February comes around. We’re right next to the two stadiums, across from the Olympic village where the athletes are staying, and there is the CBC hockey house getting built, and two other concert venues going up within a few blocks from us.