Computer Upgrade Weekend

This weekend I felt the urge to upgrade my laptop hard drive.  It was surprisingly painless.  And well worth the time and money.

Going from a 80GB drive to 320Gb has given me the space to play with putting windows and linux on my computer.  It means that I should have plenty of space to play with for a long time.

Along with the new hard drive I picked up a neat external hard drive dock.  It allows me to drop a standard SATA hard drive into it and it will get picked up as a usb drive.  It has already proved useful.  First I used it to clone my hard drive before swaping it out. and now I have finally been able to access the old hard drive from my dead desktop computer.  I found a bunch of photos from 2006 and 2007 that might have been lost forever.

I also finally figured out how to upgrade my netbook to Windows 7.  It took some fiddling to get a bootable USB flash drive.  but now everything is working and it’s beautiful.  Windows 7 is totally worth upgrading to from XP.