Thinking about a blog experiment

I’ve been reading a lot about diet lately and my recent focus on eating more meat has peeked my interest in testing what would happen if someone ate only meat.

So I’m considering doing a 1 month experiment that I would blog in detail what it is like to eat only meat…  No bread, rice, corn, sugar, vegetables or fruit.  Each meal would be some sort of meat or fish only (perhaps eggs too).  Research suggests that people who have eaten just meat for a year remain healthy.

What really got me curious was that after eating one meal that consisted of just a roast I was amazed that not only was I not hungry for an evening snack, but I still wasn’t hungry when I got up the next morning.  Actually to say I wasn’t hungry doesn’t explain the feeling it felt like I had just finished eating more than 15 hours after the meal.

I think it would make an interesting blog because:

  • It is controversial – nobody would believe that eating just meat is healthy
  • it goes directly against the vegetarian/vegan idea
  • people are interested in food
  • The science hasn’t really been tested since the early 1900s
  • curiosity – what will happen?

What are your thoughts?