Thoughts about the iPad

so apple released the iPad yesterday and I kind of just want to say why I think it is a game changer.

1. for apple this is the first device that uses an in-house designed processor. that’s a significant business change

2. apple is in control of all the software bought and sold for the device – it is the only distributer of apps. and the sotware that runs is going to be as complex as normal desktop apps. I think that as more developers jump onto this platform the possibilites will be endless – Theres enough power and screen realestate to write some very cool applications.

3. the device itself is extemely flexible. if it can handle HD video and word processors then the relatively simplistic operating system could be greatly improved in the future.

4. imagine what might happen when this device gets hacked

5. I just don’t see much difference between this and the futuristic tablets in star trek. the future is now. this is the form of computers going forward. the only thing left is simple iterative improvements – lighter, better battery, faster processor, additional sensors and lower cost. but I think this marks the tipping point where the tablet format is now practicle.

6. apple is now in the book business.

that’s the main points I can think of right now. the main thing to keep in mind is that from a hardware perspective apple has created something compelling and with a lot of potential. give developers some time and the software will make it indispensable.