Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2010

Went to the annual Motorcycle show yesterday.  It was huge and awesome.

Here’s some photos we took there.

It gave me a couple of ideas for things that I want to do over the next few months to prepare for some longer trips this summer. First thing is I’d like to get is a tank bag. Just something small to hold keys, phone, and other small items as well as a map for highway riding. The bag I’m looking at now is this one:

It has a neat connection to keep it attached to the bike. rather than the typical straps or magnets this one has a connector that screws onto the gas tank cap and then there is a quick release that allows it to snap on or off.

The other add-on that I’m thinking of is some wind guards for the grips. I’m not sure these are totally necessary but they might keep my hands a bit warmer.

Today I’m going to test attaching my duffel bag to my bike. The duffel bag should give us enough room on the bike to store supplies for longer overnight trips.